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Five questions for Dr. Robert Carvalho da Silva

Dr. Robert Carvalho da Silva | · Brazil
 · Dr. Marjan Gilani · Switzerland
 · August 17, 2022

We asked Dr. Robert Carvalho da Silva about patient information, Patient Report Outcome (PRO) and impacts on good long-term prognosis.

On their first visit, how often are patients eager to learn about treatment details?

In Brazil, patients want to know all possible treatment options, considering the cost, time, morbidity and effectiveness.

Has patient behavior changed recently?

The “aware” kind of patients are much more common nowadays. People rely more on science and know the treatment options have increased over time, as information is more accessible (e.g., Google and dentists’ social media).

Should every patient hear everything about therapies?

I always explain everything to my patients regarding cost, morbidity, time…, it’s very important. Here in Brazil we say that “if you talk first, it’s explanation; if you talk later, it’s an excuse.”

What are the most convincing patient information tools?

In direct patient conversation for sure the best way to demonstrate that a given treatment is valid is case presentation with pre- and post-treatment images.

Will PRO become more important in the future?

For sure. It may encourage other patients to accept treatment. Comfort immediately post-surgery and in the long run are key to patient treatment acceptance.

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Dr. Robert Carvalho da Silva | | Brazil

Instituto Implanteperio, Consolação

Dr. Marjan Gilani | Switzerland

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