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Five questions for Dr. Irena Sailer

Prof. Irena Sailer · Switzerland
 · Dr. Marjan Gilani · Switzerland
 · July 20, 2022

We asked Dr. Irena Sailer about patient information, Patient Report Outcome (PRO) and impacts on good long-term prognosis.

On their first visit, how often are patients eager to learn about treatment details?

atients are very eager to know about all benefits and risks as well as the long-term outcomes of the treatments, and potential treatment alternatives are always part of the information.

Has patient behavior changed recently?

The amount of information the patients arrive with for the first consultation has changed. Information is very often found on the internet, and patients can be significantly influenced before learning real details from healthcare providers.

Should every patient hear everything about therapies?

I always explain all possibilities and document in the patient records that I have done so. This is a very important part of treatment documentation.

What are the most convincing patient information tools?

Case examples are always great to have. They are very illustrative. We have developed a set of overview tables with data and indications, published in our recent book (Quintessence Publishing 2021)

Will PRO become more important in the future?

Absolutely. Documentation is also important for legal and other reasons

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Prof. Irena Sailer | Switzerland

Director, Clinic for Fixed Prosthetics and Biomaterials, Dental Clinic, University of Geneva

Dr. Marjan Gilani | Switzerland

Manager Medical Communications
Geistlich Pharma AG