Periodontal Regeneration with Pocket-X® Gel

Challenging the limits of non-surgical periodontal therapy

Prof. Dr. Peter Hahner · Germany
 · April 15, 2024

"My initial case series using Pocket-X® Gel has shown significant improvements in probing depths and attachment levels beyond what can be expected from conventional closed therapy."

The Situation

The X-ray image of the patient (born 1990) reveals significant bone loss in several areas. Various non-surgical interventions by previous practitioners failed to halt the progressive tissue breakdown. 

Periodontal status before treatment with Pocket-X® Gel:

Assessment and treatment (supra- and subgingival mechanical plaque removal as part of supportive periodontal care), including application of Pocket-X® Gel in November 2022. Given the initial assessment, surgical interventions are indicated in this case. However, it‘s important to mention that non-surgical therapy has been repeated at the patient‘s request, with the idea of potentially reducing the number of teeth requiring surgical treatment. 

The Approach

For optimal wound healing, an atraumatic approach during subgingival instrumentation appears to be crucial. The illustration exemplifies the results with only minimal bleeding from the periodontal pockets immediately after debridement.

Atraumatic approach as the foundation

The Result

Periodontal status after treatment with Pocket-X® Gel:

Follow-up examination after 5 months in April 2023. The results of this case were exceptionally favorable. The number of sites requiring surgical treatment was significantly reduced. 

"The combination of minimally invasive instrumentation and hyaluronic acid may even shift the current indication boundaries between nonsurgical therapy alone and the inclusion of periodontal surgery."

About the author

Prof. Dr. Peter Hahner | Germany

Professor of Clinical Periodontology and Prevention Management
at EU FH, Practice for Periodontology in Cologne