Online Learning Journey in Regenerative Dentistry

Learning from the best with Geistlich myGuide®

Dr. Friedrich Buck · Switzerland
 · November 15, 2023

Geistlich myGuide® is the world's first complete online learning journey in regenerative dentistry where clinicians can learn from leading experts in the field of dental regeneration and continuously educate themselves regardless of time and place.

Sharing expertise in the field of medical regeneration is deeply rooted in Geistlich's DNA. From experience, the Swiss manufacturer of Geistlich Bio-Oss® and Geistlich Bio-Gide® knows that about 80 percent of the questions related to implant treatments concern regeneration. Previous training courses in this area have mostly included individual lectures, hands-on workshops or webinars. However, structured online learning offers have hardly existed to date. Now, Geistlich is closing this gap with Geistlich myGuide®.

A pioneering offer for regenerative dentistry

With Geistlich myGuide®, clinical professionals from around the world can learn from the best clinicians and scientists in the field of dental regeneration. The content has been created by a total of 27 internationally renowned experts. The scientific partner for Geistlich myGuide® is Prof. Dr. Ronald E. Jung from the University of Zurich. With his guidance, the structure, scope, and learning objectives of this learning journey were established.

"Geistlich myGuide® is a highly innovative development that takes regenerative dentistry education to the next level. Geistlich myGuide® puts patients first and offers regenerative solutions for all indications." Prof. Dr. Ronald E. Jung, Director Clinic of Reconstructive Dentistry, University of Zurich

The course content is designed to build on itself, ensuring a structured learning experience. At the same time, Geistlich myGuide® is closely aligned with everyday clinical practice. Purely theoretical modules have been deliberately avoided.

Wide range of practice-oriented learning content

A total of five different learning formats are used: fully responsive e-learning modules, allowing unrestricted learning on all mobile devices. Additionally, the program includes uncut clinical videos, detailed clinical case documentations, hands-on courses through online workshops conducted from home, and assessment modules for a knowledge check.

Dr. Andreas Geistlich, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Geistlich, says: "Supporting the dental community and ensuring the best possible care for patients is part of Geistlich's DNA. With the introduction of this innovative educational journey, we are opening new perspectives for continuing education in dentistry. I am impressed!"

Clinical professionals worldwide are invited to embark on this educational journey and play an active role in shaping the future of regenerative dentistry. Discover more about this innovative program and begin your journey today at

This educational program is initially available in English, with plans to introduce versions in other languages in the near future.


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Dr. Friedrich Buck | Switzerland

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