Soft tissue substitutes: important role in patient perception and satisfaction

Efficacy of Geistlich Mucograft® for lack of keratinized tissue and peri-implantitis

Dr. Alberto Ortiz-Vigón · Spain
 · Dr. Erik Regidor Correa · Spain
 · June 26, 2023

BioBrief - Soft-Tissue Regeneration

The Situation

Adult patient, non-smoker and without relevant systemic history, attends to clinic referring peri-implant tissue inflammation, bleeding and brushing discomfort around her implant in the upper jaw. Clinically peri-implant pocket depth > 5 mm, bleeding and suppuration on probing were observed. Furthermore, the implant presented < 2 mm of keratinized mucosa and radiographic horizontal bone loss.


The Approach

Intrasulcular incision was made and a mucosal partial thickness flap was raised. The recipient site was prepared by sharp disection in order to create a periosteal bed free of any muscle attachment. Peri-implant granulation tissue was removed and implantoplasty was performed. Finally, Geistlich Mucograft® was used to support gain of keratinized tissue. Thus, the collagen matrix was sutured with the resulting flap apically at the base of the newly created vestibulum.


The Outcome

After two years follow-up, the successful outcome can be observed in terms of clinical peri-implant parameters, gain of keratinized mucosa without significant graft shrinkage and stability of vertical position of the mucosal margin.


Keys to Success

  • Flap design
  • Implant surface modification and polishing
  • Adaptation of soft-tissue substitute
  • Apical positioning of the partial thickness flap
  • Peri-implant supportive therapy

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About the authors

Dr. Alberto Ortiz-Vigón | Spain

Dental surgeon
Clinical director of Clínica Ortiz-Vigón PerioCentrum Bilbao

Dr. Erik Regidor Correa | Spain

Dental surgeon at Clínica Ortiz-Vigón PerioCentrum Bilbao