Geistlich Fibro-Gide® increases soft-tissue thickness

Soft-tissue augmentation procedure with the use of a collagen matrix

Dr. Martina Stefanini · Italy
 · July 21, 2023

BioBrief - Soft-tissue Regeneration

The Situation

A 65-year-old male patient comes to our attention reporting a change in position and mobility of element 1.1. The systemic medical history reports that he is suffering from type II diabetes mellitus and that he is on anticoagulant therapy due to atrial fibrillation. He does not smoke. 55% of the sites have plaque, and bleeding on probing is positive in 60% of the sites. The full intraoral x-ray set shows generalized horizontal bone resorption, and a final diagnosis of periodontitis stage 3 grade b is done.


The Approach

The aim of the therapy is to resolve the inflammatory signs in the whole mouth and the mucositis. Element 1.1 is should be extracted and rehabilitated with a prosthetic solution to restore both function and esthetics. A soft-tissue augmentation procedure with the use of Geistlich Fibro-Gide® will recreate the volume of the edentulous area improving the esthetics and the cleanability of the restoration.


The Outcome

The soft-tissue augmentation technique with coronally advanced flap, associated with a collagen matrix allowed us to obtain a significant increase in the volume of soft tissues in the edentulous area with minimally invasive surgery. Through the subsequent conditioning of the tissues, it was possible to obtain a satisfactory esthetic result and adequate emergence profiles of the prosthetic rehabilitation.


Keys to Success

  • Soft-tissue maturation after tooth extraction
  • Flap management: coronally advanced flap
  • Geistlich Fibro-Gide® collagen matrix to increase soft-tissue thickness
  • First intention wound healing
  • Prosthetic conditioning of the soft tissue after maturation
  • Tailored periodontal supportive treatement


About the author

Dr. Martina Stefanini | Italy

Graduated in 2005 from the University of Bologna, Italy  with a degree in dentistry
She was awarded PhD in Medical Sciences in 2016 from
the University of Bologna, Italy
Since 2018 Researcher at the Departement of Biomedical  and  Neuromotor sciences, Bologna University. Since 2012  active member of the Italian Society of Periodontology (SIDP)
Member of the NOGI (National Osteology Group Italy)  
Author of several publications in Pubmed and co-author of  the book,  Mucogingival esthetic surgery around implants,  Zucchelli G. & Mazzotti C.