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Pursuit of Perfection: A Dental Surgeon's Journey to Excellence

Roger Schuler · Switzerland
 · January 12, 2024

In the highly demanding field of dental surgery, it's rare to encounter a story as compelling as that of Dr. Ildefonso Moreno, dedicated surgeon from Ubrique in Andalusia, Spain, who went above and beyond for his patients.

Personal Sacrifice
This surgeon's narrative is a testament to the pursuit of excellence, detailing the tough decision to prioritize learning from the best over significant personal commitments. The decision to leave behind newly opened clinics and delay marriage reflects a deep commitment to providing the best patient care through superior knowledge and training. "My duty at that moment was to get the best knowledge in the world. And if I had to sacrifice part of my personal life, I had to do it," the surgeon recalls, underscoring the weight of the choices faced on this journey.

Team Support and Collaboration
The backbone of this surgeon's success was the support system: a robust team that stepped up to manage the clinics while he was away at the University of Michigan. This mutual trust between him and his team highlights the collaborative spirit essential in healthcare. "I'm absolutely convinced everything is related to the team that you have around you and support you," he asserts, acknowledging the critical role his colleagues played in maintaining the standard of care for his patients during his absence.

Commitment to Quality and Patient Care
Ultimately, the surgeon's unwavering commitment to using the reliable products from Geistlich for his patients underscores the ethos that guided his decisions. Regular intercontinental trips ensured that he performed all surgeries personally, a reflection of his dedication to patient care. He sums up his philosophy with heartfelt clarity: "A vocation to do the best treatment or to give the best to your neighbors... that's beautiful, because that's what I really wanted to do, to feel proud of me, giving them the best of the best." This story not only inspires fellow dental professionals but also serves as a beacon for anyone balancing personal sacrifice with the relentless pursuit of professional excellence.

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Roger Schuler | Switzerland

Specialist Corporate Visual Communications at Geistlich Pharma AG