Soft-tissue management

What do implant dentistry and riding a vespa have in common?

Dr. Alfonso Rao · United Kingdom
 · May 25, 2021

Why has soft tissue become critically important in the field of implantology? Dr. Alfonso Rao explains that Soft Tissue Management procedures ensure that teeth and implants are well protected. Learn more in our short movie.




About the author

Dr. Alfonso Rao | United Kingdom

Dr. Alfonso Rao is the owner of Queen Square Dental Clinic. He moved to England following successful stints as an oral surgeon in Caserta, Napoli and Pescara after graduating with distinction from the University of Chiet. He is Dip. Dent. Chieti, Dip. Implant Dentistry and has a Masters in Endodontic Dentistry (IT). Since making the move, he has worked in clinics across Bath, Bristol and Cheltenham.