Minor Bone Augmentation with Geistlich Bio-Oss® and REGENFAST®

Treatment of a horizontal bone defect and soft-tissue deficit in the distal mandible

Dr. Mario Beretta · Italy
 · October 31, 2023

"In this GBR surgery, I used REGENFAST ® to speed up the healing process and to reduce treatment time. After 5 months, the newly formed bone was really hard and mature. Post-op discomfort proved to be less than with the standard procedure."

The Situation

The patient (24 years old, female, no previous pathologies) presented with severe horizontal atrophy at an edentulous saddle in site 35. The situation was not compatible with the planned insertion of an implant of correct diameter and length.
A Case Series was published in February 2024.1

Approach & Result

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About the author

Dr. Mario Beretta | Italy

Associate Professor, University of Milan, Italy