“Bone volume is recreated beyond the skeletal envelope. At the time of scaffold removal, there was a soft tissue layer that must be retained and well protected.”

Regeneration of posttraumatic complex bone defect with a personalized 3D titanium scaffold

Dr. Pierre Marin · France
 · February 22, 2022

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Dr. Pierre Marin | France

Dr. Pierre Marin – 8 Cours de Gourgue, 33000 Bordeaux
Periodontology, Implantology, DDS., Faculty of Dental Surgery, Bordeaux
MSc (Perio), Faculty of Dental Surgery, Toulouse
Doctor of Dentistry at Bordeaux University (1980), Higher Certificate in Periodontics at Toulouse University (1985), University certificates in Periodontics and Occlusion at Toulouse University (1987), Basal Implantology at Nice University (2005), and Maxillofacial surgery rehabilitation at Paris University III (2006), Certificate in Perio-Implantology at Penn University, Philadelphia, USA (2006), Member of the Board of the French Implantology Association Exclusive private practice in Perio Implantology at ODONTIA Perio-Implantology clinic in Bordeaux (since 1992)