Uncovering the Power of Open Healing: A Paradigm Shift in Implantology

Bone Augmentation: Is dehiscence a problem or an opportunity?

Dr. Alecsandru Ionescu · Romania
 · June 06, 2023

In this video, Dr. Alecsandru Ionescu shares insights gleaned from 15+ years of experience, demonstrating the benefits and safety of the Open Healing approach. Tune in to explore how Open Healing can help create the perfect smile for your patients.

About the author

Dr. Alecsandru Ionescu | Romania

Dr. Alecsandru Ionescu, DDS, PhD graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of the “Carol Davila” University of Bucharest in 2001. He is a specialist in minimally invasive oral surgery and implantology. Dr. Ionescu received his PhD in Oral Implantology with his main research topic “Guided tissue regeneration using the open healing technique and fl apless approach in implant patients”. He is involved in multiple studies and research projects related to minimally invasive oral surgery and implantology, periodontology and regenerative dentistry. Dr. Ionescu’s lectures mainly focus on minimally invasive approaches in oral surgery and implantology. He is a trainer for the “open healing” protocol and minimally invasive techniques using soft tissue level implants. Dr. Ionescu works in Bucharest in his private dental clinic, research and training center “aesthetics ONE”.