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On a lab tour with Todd Scheyer

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Verena Vermeulen | Switzerland

We are on tour in Geistlich’s research and production departments. What is your first impression?

Dr. Scheyer: Very interesting, especially because my own research began using Geistlich biomaterials in 1998. So, now, to finally see how it all happens is really fascinating.


You have helped establish a practice-based clinical research network(PBCRN) called The McGuire Institute in the United States. What’s the main idea behind the network?

Dr. Scheyer: It’s a non-profit organization that helps translate research ideas into clinical applications – the first one in the US built around private practice Periodontists. Meanwhile, even the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research is looking for PBCRN’s to collaborate with academic centers for critical research efforts over the next ten plus years.


What is the major advantage of a PBCRN compared with academic research?

Dr. Scheyer: The results are very translatable to patient care. And with such an efficient organization, it doesn’t take years to transition from an initial idea to a clinical application.


Are there major differences between dental research in Europe and the US?

Dr. Scheyer: I think the differences are based on history. For example, in the US bone grafts have usually meant “allografts” – that’s what we know best, and because of the relative regulatory ease of using tissue bank biomaterials, research has been driven in that direction. But my view has broadened so much just through my research. There’s a lot of opportunity to find the similarities between Europe and the US and use them for future research.


If you were not a dentist, what would you like to be?

Dr. Scheyer: Maybe a traveling adventurer… I love to travel, and I love sports like mountain biking and fly fishing. But this would probably only be nice for a while... before missing patient interaction and scientific advances!

Verena Vermeulen

Verena Vermeulen | Switzerland

Manager Medical Communications
Geistlich Pharma

Dr. E. Todd Scheyer is currently in private practice at the periodontics and implant reconstructive dentistry office Perio Health Professionals in Houston, Texas. He is a partner  with Dr. Michael McGuire and a founding member of the McGuire Institute – a practicebased clinical research network.

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