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In Milano with Giulio Rasperini

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Reto Falk | Switzerland

Giulio, I hardly know anyone with so many contacts and especially endorsements on the professional social network LinkedIn. Does being connected mean a lot to you?

Prof. Rasperini: Friendship is first and foremost for me. I love to spend time with my friends and, of course, for quite a few years most of my friends have been in the dental community. In addition, I attend a lot of private events with dentists, but then we don’t talk about business, we talk about other things.

Where do you see the biggest benefit from professional connections in dentistry?

Prof. Rasperini: It lets us share our thoughts, philosophy, techniques and our approach more broadly, and I think the real secret is not wanting to teach but to share. This means that you are open to criticism and want to receive feedback. I am also really open to absorbing input from young people who are new in the field. Sometimes the way they communicate is completely different from the way we used to communicate.

This issue of Geistlich News is dealing with risks and complications. Do you agree that it is good to have a dialogue about mistakes?

Prof. Rasperini: Absolutely. The only way to learn is from mistakes. This is why, for example, I don’t like seeing people on stage who just want to show their successful treatments. Despite there being good techniques, none of them delivers a hundred percent success rate. We should discuss those procedures that don't work out, meaning we learn what not to do.

One of the topics you find interesting is innovation…

Prof. Rasperini: I think we need to simplify our techniques, make them more predictable and also cheaper for patients – for example, with digital equipment or with new surgical techniques that make even larger horizontal or vertical augmentations easier to perform.

Last question, most importantly: what job would have chosen if you had not become a dentist?

Prof. Rasperini: Being an architect, which I like because of the opportunity to be creative.

Reto Falk

Reto Falk | Switzerland

Director International Marketing Services
Geistlich Pharma

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