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Communication platform THE BOX

“The possibility to collect and analyze clinical data is the biggest asset”

The Osteology Foundation provides a communication platform for researchers and clinicians in the field of oral tissue regeneration: THE BOX. What can you use it for? We discussed networking opportunities, planning tools and the risk of unfiltered case discussions with Dr. Kristina Badalyan, Senior Researcher in Moscow.

Dr. Badalyan, how did you first become aware of THE BOX?

Dr. Badalyan: I attended the International Osteology Symposium in Monaco in 2016 and used the opportunity to query the moderators of the various sessions via THE BOX.

Meanwhile, what do you mostly use THE BOX for?

Dr. Badalyan: I think the key advantage for me is that THE BOX gives the opportunity to collect and analyze data for my clinical practice and scientific work. Recently, I also started using the surgical checklists from THE BOX in my practice. They are very valuable for planning my appointments and in my preparation for complicated clinical scenarios. You can also use the opportunity to create groups and communicate with colleagues. 

Is the networking part important to you?

Dr. Badalyan: When you consider the current technological advances, THE BOX is one of the strongest assets that we could have. It is a unique platform which particularly facilitates communication between colleagues at the highest level.

Several platforms offer the opportunity for discussing cases. What’s your opinion on this? Is it helpful?

Dr. Badalyan: On the one hand platforms such as Facebook or Instagram are very appealing and familiar, on the other the information available on those platforms and on the wider internet has not gone through any professional filters. So the internet can be a risky source of information for young and relatively inexperienced doctors.

Do you see this problem on THE BOX too, when it comes to case discussions?

Dr. Badalyan: Maybe live chat could liven up The BOX, but at the same time it could shift the focus from real cases to empty discussions.

You are a senior researcher at the Central Scientific Research Institute of Dentistry, Moscow. Do you advise up and coming researchers to use tools such as the Research Wizard on THE BOX to plan studies? 

Dr. Badalyan: Yes. If younger colleagues or graduate students create research projects, I highly recommend doing so via the Research Wizard. This is a very well organized and conclusive tool for considering all the aspects of a research project. It guides you from the very first step through to the final planning. I have already accepted several study projects that have been created in this way. The Biostatistic wizard is a very helpful planning tool, too.

What is your wish for the future regarding the BOX?

Dr. Badalyan: It would be great to have more people sharing their clinical experiences and to have an opportunity for interactive case discussions. Having a library and lecture material would also make the program even more appealing and helpful.

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