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“Our body needs protected space”

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Collagen is an ancient building block for life that makes a broad variety of tissues. Conversation with the collagen expert Dr. Lothar Schlösser, Head of Geistlich Material Discovery Research, on the successful use of collagen in regenerating bones, cartilage and skin.

Dr. Klaus Duffner | Germany

Dr. Schlösser, where would our body be without collagen?

Dr. Schlösser: Nearly one third of endogenous proteins are made from collagen. Without this building material we would be nothing. To begin with, we would be completely permeable and a cluster of cells devoid of form, because everywhere, where boundaries are required or where protected spaces need to be created, collagen is used in the body. Secondly, no bone could maintain itself without collagen. Our skeleton would be far too brittle, and we would immediately collapse. Bones possess strength and a certain flexibility because of collagen reinforcement. And thirdly, collagen is vital for providing structure. In the area between cells, collagen is the predominant protein conducting tissue formation. It provides a type of construction manual.

Dr. Klaus Duffner

Dr. Klaus Duffner | Germany

Scientific Journalist
Medizin & Wissen Freiburg

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