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Here’s to a “picture” with Rainer Schmelzeisen

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Reto Falk | Switzerland

You work as a surgeon and an artist and are presently showing your work here in Freiburg. What is hard to get right, a good picture or a good treatment result?

Prof. Schmelzeisen: Basically neither should be easy, but a good treatment result is more difficult to achieve in some respects because the stakes are higher and a patient’s expectations are critical.


How about the art scene’s expectations for a good picture?

Prof. Schmelzeisen: A good picture must transcend expectations and surprise the beholder again and again.


What do you perceive to be difficult in your profession?

Prof. Schmelzeisen: When complications occur which might jeopardize treatment. Major, nasty failures are fortunately a rarity. But that makes them all the more tragic and they often hit me hard, even now.


Is there a recipe for how best to deal with problems?

Prof. Schmelzeisen: Over the years I have tended to become more sensitive and try to see things from the patient’s perspective.


Your greatest professional success?

Prof. Schmelzeisen: Patients our team has hopefully helped live longer.

Reto Falk

Reto Falk | Switzerland

Director International Marketing Services
Geistlich Pharma

Foto Header: Marc Doradzillo

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