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Interview with Dr Don Clem

“Simplified treatment is not necessarily good treatment”

Verena Vermeulen | Switzerland
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How to deal with missing anterior teeth. Take stock of the situation
Prof. Lin Ye | China, Dr. Jiang Xi | China

Dental implant therapy is considered a safe and predictable treatment to replace missing teeth. Nonetheless, implant rehabilitation in the anterior maxilla is still a challenge because of esthetic concerns.

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Customized bone regeneration with Yxoss CBR®
Dr. Marcus Seiler | Germany

Yxoss CBR® is a customized titanium grid structure designed for the regeneration of bone defects – based on a patient’s CBCT or CT data. It stabilizes the graft in the optimal position and can be easily removed later.

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“Risk assessment helps avoid peri-implantitis!”
Prof. Stefan Renvert | Sweden

Thorough diagnosis, patient selection and treatment planning can help decrease peri-implantitis risk.

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Communication is part of the cure
Dr. Francesca Rossini | Italy, Dr. Michele Rossini | Italy

For patients, an edentulous area is a “gap;” the word “bone” makes people feel uncomfortable; and the word “surgery” in the context of dentistry creates confusion. What is important when explaining a dental treatment to patients?

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How to plan bone reconstructions
Dr. Ueli Grunder | Switzerland

Anyone planning bone regeneration should never just follow a rigid decision tree, but focus instead on the most important connections and factors.

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Immediate implant placement - Planning
Ass. Prof. Stephen Chen | Australia

Many things have to be considered before placing an implant immediately. A brief guide for everyday practice.

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Immediate implant placement - Handling
Ass. Prof. Stephen Chen | Australia

Thick gingivae, an intact facial bone wall, sufficient bone volume on the apical aspect, no infection – ideal conditions for immediate implant placement. How to do it?

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3-D imaging for treatment planning
Assistant Prof. George A. Mandelaris | United States

3-D imaging has revolutionized pre-treatment case analysis and treatment planning. This article addresses the role of CBCT imaging in interdisciplinary dentofacial therapy for skeletally mature patients requiring orthodontic therapy.