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Rebuilding jaw bone

“Explantation is a decisive turning point for the patients”

Verena Vermeulen | Switzerland
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Loss of a transplant due to alveolitis
Ass. Prof. Michael Stimmelmayr | Germany

First peri-implantitis occurs, then alveolitis following explantation. How should this case be treated?

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Dealing with peri-implantitis
Prof. Stuart J. Froum | United States

For two decades Prof. Stuart Froum has been treating peri-implantitis patients. He has recently published the results of his experience.

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“Risk assessment helps avoid peri-implantitis!”
Prof. Stefan Renvert | Sweden

Thorough diagnosis, patient selection and treatment planning can help decrease peri-implantitis risk.

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Peri-implantitis therapy with regenerative surgery
Prof. Frank Schwarz | Germany

Regenerative therapy should be combined with implantoplasty if the configuration of a defect is advanced and complex.

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The microbiology of peri-implantitis
Prof. Andrea Mombelli | Switzerland

Which microbes trigger an especially severe course of peri-implant infection? And are microbiological tests worthwhile?

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Treating peri-implantitis
Prof. Lisa J. A. Heitz-Mayfield | Australia

There is no single measure for resolving peri-implantitis but rather a sequence of steps: managing causative actors, fighting the infection and regenerating the defect.

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Timely peri-implantitis diagnosis
Prof. Giovanni E. Salvi | Switzerland

In recalls following implant placement, the peri-implant tissue should undergo careful clinical and radiological monitoring so that changes will be promptly noted.

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Peri-implantitis vs periodontitis
Prof. Tord Berglundh | Sweden

Periodontal and peri-implant diseases have many features in common. Peri-implantitis lesions, however, exhibit various characteristics that make treatment more difficult.

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How prevalent is peri-implant disease?
Prof. Niklaus P. Lang | Switzerland

Estimates put the incidence of peri-implantitis at around one percent per year. But there are no clear definition criteria and the frequency of peri-implantitis differs by patient group.