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Recession coverage

A less invasive tunneling technique for multiple recession defects

Dr. Sofia Aroca | France
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It’s not only a matter of aesthetics
Ass. Prof. Ignacio Sanz Martin | Spain, Prof. Mariano Sanz | Spain

Sufficient soft tissue volume and keratinized tissue around implants are key for implant success. A clinical update on gold standards and alternatives.

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A less invasive technique for greater success
Dr. Yoon Euy Hong | South Korea

Different techniques and biomaterials can be used for recession coverage. When is the coronally advanced flap beneficial, when a tunneling approach?

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Using a 3-D collagen matrix for vestibuloplasty
Dr. Christian Schmitt | Germany

No painful graft harvest and very good color and texture match surrounding tissue - these are major advantages when performing a vestibuloplasty with Geistlich Mucograft®. Now there is long-term data over five years.

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Taking the patient’s view into account
Dr. Michael McGuire | United States

Objective treatment outcomes are measurable and comparable. However, it is also worth taking the patient’s subjective measures into account. This is the goal of “patient-reported outcomes.”

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Socket Sealing
Ass. Prof. Stefan Fickl | Germany

Should the extraction socket be sealed with a soft-tissue punch graft or with a collagen matrix? The matrix has some advantages over the autologous punch.

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Options post tooth extraction
Prof. Ronald E. Jung | Switzerland

Immediate implantation, spontaneous healing or Ridge Preservation – these are the available options after a tooth has been extracted. Which option is the best when?

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Future regenerative dentistry
Prof. Alan Herford | United States

Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (TERM) is a highly multidisciplinary field. Integrative approaches are developed to overcome today's limitations in augmentation procedures.

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The sandwich osteoplasty
Prof. Bilal Al-Nawas | Germany

The sandwich technique facilitates soft-tissue management and allows experienced surgeons to achieve good results in patients with greater vertical bone deficiencies.

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The strip technique
Prof. Istvan Urban | Hungary

Do large defects need large transplants? Not always. A new technique cleverly merges autologous tissue and collagen matrix. An interview with Prof. Istvan Urban.