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Case study

Facing dehiscence defects in the anterior area

Prof. Shakeel Shahdad | United Kingdom
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Oral Regeneration Topic
Verena Vermeulen | Switzerland

Scientific radar, expert interview, webinar - all on the same topic. In the Oral Regeneration Topic, which is organized every six months by the Osteology Foundation, you can learn a lot about selected matters.

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Keratinized tissue
Verena Vermeulen | Switzerland

Does a band of keratinized tissue effect peri-implant health? Our infographic sheds light on this question.

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A less invasive tunneling technique for multiple recession defects
Dr. Sofia Aroca | France

Recession coverage still represents a challenge when it comes to severe defects. But proper technique and material can help guarantee a successful outcome. Discover how.

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It’s not only a matter of aesthetics
Ass. Prof. Ignacio Sanz Martin | Spain, Prof. Mariano Sanz | Spain

Sufficient soft tissue volume and keratinized tissue around implants are key for implant success. A clinical update on gold standards and alternatives.

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A less invasive technique for greater success
Dr. Yoon Euy Hong | South Korea

Different techniques and biomaterials can be used for recession coverage. When is the coronally advanced flap beneficial, when a tunneling approach?

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Using a 3-D collagen matrix for vestibuloplasty
Dr. Christian Schmitt | Germany

No painful graft harvest and very good color and texture match surrounding tissue - these are major advantages when performing a vestibuloplasty with Geistlich Mucograft®. Now there is long-term data over five years.

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Taking the patient’s view into account

Objective treatment outcomes are measurable and comparable. However, it is also worth taking the patient’s subjective measures into account. This is the goal of “patient-reported outcomes.”

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Socket Sealing
Ass. Prof. Stefan Fickl | Germany

Should the extraction socket be sealed with a soft-tissue punch graft or with a collagen matrix? The matrix has some advantages over the autologous punch.

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Options post tooth extraction
Prof. Ronald E. Jung | Switzerland

Immediate implantation, spontaneous healing or Ridge Preservation – these are the available options after a tooth has been extracted. Which option is the best when?

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Future regenerative dentistry
Prof. Alan Herford | United States

Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (TERM) is a highly multidisciplinary field. Integrative approaches are developed to overcome today's limitations in augmentation procedures.

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The sandwich osteoplasty
Prof. Bilal Al-Nawas | Germany

The sandwich technique facilitates soft-tissue management and allows experienced surgeons to achieve good results in patients with greater vertical bone deficiencies.

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The strip technique
Prof. Istvan Urban | Hungary

Do large defects need large transplants? Not always. A new technique cleverly merges autologous tissue and collagen matrix. An interview with Prof. Istvan Urban.