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Case study

Minimally invasive approaches for major indications

Dr. Alexander Volkmann | Germany
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“Explantation is a decisive turning point for the patients”
Verena Vermeulen | Switzerland

Explantation can be a last resort to handle an infected implant. Dr. Mauro Merli, Italy, has gained experience in this unpleasant procedure and the subsequent rebuilding of jaw bone. Here he shares his insights into minimally invasive techniques, suitable materials and the value of listening to the patient’s expectations.  

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Proper flap and suture techniques are key to success
Dr. Luca De Stavola | Italy

Major bone augmentations with either Guided Bone Regeneration or a bone block increase bone volume significantly. But without proper flap techniques, wound dehiscences can jeopardize success.

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Using a 3-D collagen matrix for vestibuloplasty
Dr. Christian Schmitt | Germany

No painful graft harvest and very good color and texture match surrounding tissue - these are major advantages when performing a vestibuloplasty with Geistlich Mucograft®. Now there is long-term data over five years.

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Augmentation procedures for geriatric patients
Prof. Zhuofan Chen | China, Dr. Zhipeng Li | China

Old age is not a contraindication for bone augmentation and implant placement, but patient and technique factors have to be considered.