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Power production by Geistlich

70 percent self-sufficiency

Using its own hydroelectric power system Geistlich Pharma is able to fill 70 percent of its energy needs. The future could raise this figure even higher.

Every form of energy has pros and cons. But with a mind to political crises, which repeatedly jeopardize gas or oil supplies, and the threat of safety and end storage problems with nuclear power, there is some sense in the ecological production of one’s own power. Geistlich has been pursuing its own power production since the beginning of the 20th century. In 1906 Eduard Geistlich started building a small hydroelectric power system to supply electricity to his adhesive and fertilizer factory. The energy was sourced from an underwater channel he built, which was 4,600 ft. long and had a 50 ft. drop.

Electricity as a top export

Going by today’s average energy consumption, the power levels back then appear tiny. In the supply crisis during the First World War and until 1927 Geistlich Pharma supplied electricity to third parties too. The company supplied 62 electricity subscribers with a total of 588 lamps, one heater, one cooker, 19 irons and 11 electric motors.

Nowadays, through its own production Geistlich Pharma meets 70 percent of its energy needs for manufacturing all the Geistlich products it sells around the world. For this, just over 1,000 gallons of water a second cascade through each of two turbines. Along with researchers at the University of Zurich the company is working to further optimize its independent energy supply.

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