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A chat with Pam McClain

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Reto Falk | Switzerland

Aurora, Colorado, your home town, is located at an average altitude of about 1700 meters (5500 feet). How do you feel down here in Orlando?

Dr. McClain (laughs): I can breathe much easier. The air is not as thin. But I love where I live, so...

You just became a member of the ­Education Committee of the Osteology Foundation. What is your personal goal for this new position?

Dr. McClain: As a Periodontist, I want to make sure that we really talk about what we can do to preserve the natural dentition, especially with regenerative approaches.

Do you see big improvements in this field?

Dr. McClain: Yes, both diagnostically as well as from a treatment standpoint, there have been significant advances in the field of periodontal regeneration. It’s exciting to see the pendulum swinging from extracting teeth and placing implants to saving teeth using regenerative approaches.

Your father is a renowned Periodontist too. Now you are practicing together with your father, your sister and your niece. Is periodontology THE topic at family gatherings?

Dr. McClain (laughs): We are a very large family, so actually, no. My husband is not a dentist, neither are my four brothers. But when the four of us from the dental practice are together, the conversations easily shift to teeth!

Does the new generation challenge the old generation, or vice versa?

Dr. McClain: My dad has been an incredible mentor and continues to educate and encourage us to strive for excellence. Having my niece Dr. Rachel Schallhorn join the practice has definitely expanded our use of technology and brings a fresh perspective. Being in the middle of these two generations is a huge advantage, as I glean incredible information from both.

When you are not working, what is your favorite hobby?

Dr. McClain: I grew up in Colorado, so I love hiking and biking, skiing and swimming. Golf is a newer hobby for me, and it continues to be a challenge, but it’s something my husband and I can enjoy together wherever we go.

Reto Falk

Reto Falk | Switzerland

Director International Marketing Services
Geistlich Pharma

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