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A cup of tea with Stephen Chen

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Reto Falk | Switzerland

Dr. Chen, has one particular day in your working life affected you more than others?

Dr. Chen: Actually, it’s more people than moments that have been meaningful; for example, when I met Christer Dahlin on a delegate bus in Philadelphia in the early 1990s. He didn’t know me at the time, but we started talking and ended up publishing our paper on extraction socket management together in 1996.

Have you ever regretted your decision to become a dentist?

Dr. Chen: Never! After studying dentistry for two years, I switched to general medicine. Even though I knew it would be more prestigious in the long run, I didn’t enjoy it. So I asked  my professor if I could return to dental medicine. He agreed and I have never looked back. I have also never regretted focusing on Periodontology; the way periodontists think has really impacted dental implant practice.

If you had unlimited research funds, in which area would you invest?

Dr. Chen:
I would stay in the field of regeneration, searching for ways to improve patient therapy. In many instances, we still use autologous bone and soft tissue, and it is important to improve this situation.

Do you have a hobby that your colleagues don’t know about?

Dr. Chen: My whole family is crazy about football. We also love music: I sing in a community choir and my sons are talented musicians. Music is a wonderful balance to working life.

Reto Falk

Reto Falk | Switzerland

Director International Marketing Services
Geistlich Pharma

Photo Header: Thomas Gerber

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