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In Monaco with Julio Joly

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Débora Furlani | Brazil

We are standing here at the coast in Monaco. Do you like the place?

Julio Joly: Monaco is a model of sophistication and natural beauty for Brazilian eyes. As a child, I used to follow the Formula 1 races of Ayrton Senna in Monte Carlo and wanted very much to get to know this charming principality.


What was your highlight at the Osteo­logy Monaco Symposium?

Julio Joly: I am a die-hard fan of the work of Profs. Cortellini and Zucchelli. They have greatly influenced our periodontal training. I cannot omit the workshop presented by my partner Robert Carvalho da Silva either. We are very proud to participate in this important event and to be able to present the work of our group to the global dental community.


Soft-tissue management is a major topic at congresses such as Osteology Monaco. Have the techniques improved in recent years?

Julio Joly: I believe that the major changes are related to the development of minimally invasive techniques and also advances in tissue substitutes. A combination of these factors has made it possible to achieve ever more natural results, with minimal discomfort to the patients during and after surgery.


Are there differences between European and South American dentistry?

Julio Joly: I do not see many differences. It seems to me that in recent years South American dentistry, especially in Brazil, has started to attach a higher value to esthetics, as requested by patients. In addition, Brazilian dental students have more opportunities to perform surgical and restorative procedures on patients, which makes them more secure and versatile when making decisions. The scientific training of European dentists is rock-solid, but I feel that the accumulation of clinical experience requires continued courses after university training.


Looking at the sea – do you have any sea-related hobby such as sailing or water-skiing?

Julio Joly (laughs): Frankly, I am not a great fan of maritime sports. My great pleasure is to enjoy the scenery, preferably together with my family, good friends and a cold beer.

Débora Furlani

Débora Furlani | Brazil

Marketing and Events Manager
Geistlich Pharma do Brasil

Prof. Julio Cesar Joly is the Coordinator of the Master of Science Programs of Implantology and Periodontology at São Leopoldo Mandic Dentistry Research Center in Campinas. He is also a professor at the ImplantePerio Institute in São Paulo and author and ­co-author of several scientific publications and chapters in textbooks.

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