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Five-year data with Geistlich Mucograft<sup>®<sup\>

Enough keratinized tissue even in the long run

Geistlich Mucograft® together with an apically repositioned flap can create new keratinized tissue of excellent quality and perfect texture and color match. This has been shown by many studies. What matters most for patients, though, is long-term stability. A group of clinicians led by Carlo Maiorana, Italy, investigated this topic.1

There has long been a controversy about the necessity of creating enough keratinized tissue around dental implants. Especially the effect of little or no keratinized tissue on implant survival rate remains unclear. What is evident, though, is that a sufficient band of keratinized tissue around dental implants “prevents peri-implant plaque accumulation and buccal soft tissue recession, accordingly reducing the risk of peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis”.1 

The clinicians who conducted this prospective observational study with 15 consecutive patients (13 in the follow-up after 5 years) wanted to find out about the long-term results of an apically repositioned flap plus collagen matrix Geistlich Mucograft®. What is the shrinkage rate? Is the final amount of keratinized tissue still enough? Is the esthetic result good over time?


This is what they found out

  • Great esthetic outcome over the entire five years of follow-up: optimal integration with the surrounding tissues
  • Shrinkage of the graft did not pose a problem as more than the recommended 2 mm of keratinized tissue were present even after five years (mean gain after five years was 2.4 mm)
  • Most patients did not feel any pain at all (while, according to literature, in autologous grafting post-operative pain is caused by the presence of a second surgical site)
  • Extremely easy use with an average surgery length of 20 minutes, excluding anesthesia
  • Ideal hemostatic effect with no excessive bleeding during surgery and no bleeding at all post-operatively

The authors concluded: "This study shows that this type of collagen matrix can find major interest among those patients who need a keratinized tissue augmentation around implants with great esthetic outcome or among those who can bear little pain.”

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Tania Mara de Tassis Mandelli wrote:

I had observed sucess in my procedures, too. Great


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Thanks for the post.Its very useful