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5 clinicians and 5 questions

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We selected renowned clinicians and asked them to answer five research related questions, sharing their points of view with fellow clinicians. 

Prof. Andreas Stavropoulos | Sweden

Which famous researcher would you like to meet?
Prof. Andreas Stavropoulos: I'd like to have met Sture Nyman; he is considered among the fathers of oral tissue regeneration and, apparently, he was also a character!

What was your first research about?
Prof. Andreas Stavropoulos: Evaluation of the impact of a bone substitute on bone formation by means of guided bone regeneration.

A moment in your research career that made a big impression on you?
Prof. Andreas Stavropoulos: The fact that doing research per se can indeed make you happy!

If you were a researcher in another area, what idea would you develop?
Prof. Andreas Stavropoulos: I find the idea of guided cell rejuvenation and reprogramming fascinating.

A researcher should always…
Prof. Andreas Stavropoulos: Look honestly at the data and use some common sense during the interpretation of the results. Also to study and never give up!

Prof. Andreas Stavropoulos

Prof. Andreas Stavropoulos | Sweden

Department of Periodontology, Faculty of Odontology, University of Malmö

Interview conducted by Dr. Giulia Cerino

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