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5 clinicians and 5 questions

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We selected renowned clinicians and asked them to answer five research related questions, sharing their points of view with fellow clinicians. 

Prof. Kristina Badalyan | Russia

Which famous researcher would you like to meet?
Prof. Badalyan: Jan Lindhe. His books and articles are the "Bible" for periodontists and oral surgeons.

What was your first research about?
Prof. Badalyan: Influence of microsurgery on soft and hard tissues during implantation.

A moment in your research career that made a big impression on you?
Prof. Badalyan: I attended a congress in 2004 in Lucerne, which allowed me to see the direction of future developments and gave me the opportunity to use new knowledge in my clinical practice.

If you were a researcher in another area, what idea would you develop?
Prof. Badalyan: Periodontal ligament cells preservation and cultivation, and how to use them for regeneration.

A researcher should always…
Prof. Badalyan: “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler." Albert Einstein.

Prof. Kristina Badalyan

Prof. Kristina Badalyan | Russia

CNIIS, Oral Implantology Department, Moscow

Interview conducted by Dr. Giulia Cerino

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