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Oral Regeneration Topic

Scientific radar, expert interview, webinar - all on the same topic. In the Oral Regeneration Topic, which is organized every six months by the Osteology Foundation, you can learn a lot about selected matters.

Did you know that the idea of researching alveolar healing and ridge preservation was born during a coffee break when Jan Lindhe and Mauricio Araujo discussed a failed immediate implant placement? Why, they asked themselves, did the buccal bone lamella disappear, although the bone is functionally loaded again immediately by the dental implant? Jan Lindhe said to Mauricio Araujo: "We really should investigate this more closely" - and this is how the idea for one of the most cited studies in this field came about.

The listener learns this and much more in the "Key Publication" interview with Gustavo Avila-Ortiz, USA, and Mauricio Araujo, Brazil. The "Key Publication" interview is part of the "Oral Regeneration Topic", which is organized every six months by the Osteology Foundation.

Publications, Expert Discussions and Webinars

In the "Oral Regeneration Topic" you can immerse yourself in a theme and experience both the scientific and the fundamental as well as the surprising. Over a period of six months, the following dimensions of a topic are covered: 

  • a list of the most important publications on the subject, selected by an expert
  • a conversation with the author of an important study on the subject
  • an interactive webinar on the subject.

The first "Oral Regeneration Topic" was 2018 "Ridge Preservation". Since the beginning of 2019 it is now "Root Coverage". Interested parties can register free of charge on the online platform THE BOX and take part.

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